Junaid Jamshed compares Altaf Hussain with Nelson Mandela


Musician turned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed has remained under controversies for making infamous statements on TV. He sparked serious debate when he once denied driving rights to women. Not long ago, he was booked under Blasphemy law, which made him to move abroad. Now, when the political situation in Pakistan is very tense and the paramilitary forces are conducting operation against alleged MQM militant wing, an interview of Junaid Jamshed has appeared on social media, in which he has compared the chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Mr. Altaf Hussain, to the great revolutionary leader of South Africa, the Nelson Mandela. “Nelson Mandela was indeed a great man but let me find a single example like Altaf Hussain’s MQM and the political sacrifices they made,” Junaid claimed in an interview.


Though the video interview is quite old but Junaid’s comments about Altaf Hussain and his party MQM still get relevance. In an interview to private TV channel, Junaid told that Altaf Hussain and his party MQM have given more sacrifices than anyone else. He also added that MQM was the party which stood against status quo.

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