Mahira doesn’t know how to act at all, claims Meera

The veteran Lollywood actress Meera has claimed Pakistan’s new sensation Mahira Khan does not know how to act and advised her fans not to waste time to watch her (Mahira’s) movies. The actress claimed this on her official Twitter account.

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Meera Mahira controversy

Meera, who has remained under different controversies throughout her career, has sparked another controversies. Most of us do remember how our Lollywood actresses used to fight with each other in 90s, and how these fights played a role in destroying our cinema. The new generation involved in the process of revival of Pakistani cinema  has learned from the mistakes of veteran filmmakers and stopped this practice but unfortunately, our seniors do not seem happy with it, I believe.

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Meera was recently in Houston, US for a tour. We recorded a message for her fans and also attended a Bollywood movie promotion where Umer Shareef was also invited.

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