Na Re Na by Australian Girl with Pakistani Flag (Music Video)

There is a music video that is currently being run on some music channels of Pakistan, in which a foreigner (White Australian) Girl can be seen holding Pakistani Flag & roaming into the streets through out the music video. We asked our partner site about it but they also had no idea about the song. But they told us that they have also had numerous requests about that undiscovered song/music video.

australian girl fall in love with pakistan

So we did some research on our own and eventually found out the music video and the young girl who is going crazy after Pakistan. The artist name is Angel Ali and she is madly in love with our country Pakistan. The track she covered is “Na Re Na”, which is originally sung and composed by Ali Azmat, but she revamped it as “Dil Jalay” which is another reason many couldn’t find it over internet yet.

In the music video, Angel Ali can be seen wearing a traditional Pakistani bridal dress and covering herself with Pakistani Flag. In some scenes, she can also be seen crying and paying salute to Pak Flag. Her love & passion for Pakistan is unbelievable. Why she does that is still questionable though but we believe its our rich culture and most importantly our “unique music” which attracted this lady towards Pakistan.

Watch now yourself her love for Pakistan in the music video below:

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