Pepsi’s #LightingUpLives campaign is back this Ramzan

Have you ever imagined yourself sitting a night before an examination all eyes on your book and/or laptop fully ambitious to finish the given material and pass the exam in flying colors and poof! You lose your light (electricity). How did that feel? Ouch? Now imagine those hardworking citizens who face this scenario every now and then, they have the day light only which they can utilize to carry out their chores and run errands then again studying is a game on a whole new level.

What if I told you things could change? And they are, how? Well, Pepsi like always has retaken the initiative of providing the underprivileged with a bare necessity of life; Light. How you can help out is by purchasing a 1.7L Pepsi bottle which will automatically put a star on your shoulder by donating 1 Rupee to the campaign #LightingUpLives by Pepsi.


This campaign is one of its kind and just by watching the TVC, which has a strong background score song by Abida Parveen, lifts ones morale’s high and makes one want to be a part of this campaign. I am very proud of Pepsi; this issue was not taken into notice by anyone else. I think we all should play our part, Hamza Ali Abbbasi isn’t the only responsible citizen of our country, we all are. Let’s play our part; it’s time to give back love to the nation. I wish Pepsi the best of luck and hand on hand thank it too for being a mentor for those who want to make a change. Thumbs up for the campaign and give us more to be proud about in the near future.

Watch below the full TVC:


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