Sabia Abbat – An Inspirational Woman and National Cycling Champion of Pakistan

Dreams know no boundaries and that has been the case with Sabia Abbat. Sabia who belongs to Haripur, grew up with a passion for cycling. Being the eldest of her five siblings, her responsibilities were a lot more. Her passion for cycling saw hurdles from the society that made her gender an obstacle. Apart from the society, it was monetary concern; given her father was a driver in the small town of Haripur.

Sabia Abbat national cycling champion in Pakistan

Regardless of the fact that her father was not financially very stable, he provided for her to complete her bachelors degree in physical education and was immensely supportive of her wanting to pursue a career in cycling.

Despite the discouragement, she was not moved by the societal belief that cycling is not something women in Pakistan do. Her journey began once she represented her college in several local events and it was after sheer hard work of 2 years that Sabia became a National Champion in Lahore.

Sabia, coming from a humble background and had trouble financing her dream. Cycling competitively is expensive as a typical professional bicycle costs Rs 150,000 or more. Track cycling is even more expensive, but Sabia struggled against all odds and won the National Championship title in Velodrom.

Having a very supportive family, and in light of her further goals, Sabia will appear in South Asian Games next year which will also be the first international competition for her.

Much like many unsung heroes in Pakistan, Ufone has taken a step to promote Sabia and stands beside the people like Sabia Abbat who have worked tirelessly for their goals, so that people follow their example and make a better Pakistan.

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