Stingers defeats Amir ‘King’ Khan in #StingChallenge

The Amir ‘King’ Khan finally took the third and final round of #StingChallenge, which was a decider between him and Stingers. As also confessed by Khan himself, it was the most challenging task to finish in a minute but as expected, he showed courage and accepted the challenge. ‘Stingers, I must say I’m impressed with the last #StingChallenge! I’m on it,” Khan commented on his Sting Energy Drink Facebook page.

Sting Challenge Final Round

In the decider, the Stingers were asked to post maximum comments in the given time to set lightning punches challenge for Khan. For 143 comments, Khan was required to hit 143 lightning punches but he only reached to 117 in a minute and lost the challenge and the Stingers won the #StingChallenge with 2-1.

Sting Challenge Result

Khan started with a defeat in round one, which was to finish 420 skips in one minute but for the round two, he returned with more energy and won the task with almost double force as set by the Stingers.

The #StingChallenge kept Stingers interacted with Khan and the brand throughout all three rounds. Khan was reading all comments and interacting with his fans on Sting’s Facebook page. The event, which started from fans meet up with Khan in Lahore, ended in high note, Hopefully, the brand will realize the opportunity created during #StingChallenge and keep fans interacting with more such campaigns.

Arsalan Ali

Arsalan Ali is the editor at ViralinPakistan. Before coming on board with us he worked for Freedom of Information laws and as a News Analyst for a prominent NGO. He has done Masters in Mass Communication. His interests are politics, music, cricket, traveling and of course, writing.

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